Lock Down Critical Assets

Behavior Analytics to Prevent Breaches


Sideband is turning security “inside out” with a unique approach that puts the focus of security on critical assets, the true target of bad actors.  Sideband’s solution uses behavioral analytics and machine learning to function as a behavioral tripwire, detecting suspicious behavior before a breach occurs.


Profiles communication behavior

Sideband watches network traffic to and from your enterprises most critical assets to automatically build a unique view of its behavioral profile

Continuously monitors asset behavior

Sideband understands the changes in communication profiles relative to what is typical to immediately identify anomalous behavior as it occurs

Delivers premium, contextual alerts

Sideband leverages big data analytic techniques at the front-line, continuously correlating events related to dozens of features to generate alerts with near-zero false positives

Improves security operations efficiency

Sideband integrates with your existing security information management environment to enable you to focus on what’s important

Sideband adds value to existing network security infrastructures

SIEM Systems

Complements SIEM deployments by delivering premium contextual alerts directly to your security management infrastructure

IDS/IPS Systems

Continually profiles normal behavior to spot anomalies and alert perimeter-focused systems to internal behaviors

Next Generation Firewalls

Provides network behavioral profiling and real-time monitoring of east/west traffic associated with assets

Network management and change control

Delivers reporting for behavioral validation that network policies are configured correctly

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Download the Sideband SBN Appliance Datasheet


Download the Sideband Datasheet on Integration with Splunk Enterprise


Sideband solutions help you prevent breaches by continuously monitoring communication to and from critical assets, and alerting your network and security operations to real events. The Sideband solution is a self-learning system that deploys quickly and stops work-arounds by bad actors.

Custom deep packet inspection and rich flow creation

Identifies flow data with a library of over 1,400 applications to generate a complete and accurate view of interactions

Analytics at the front line

The system extracts over 100 features from the rich flow data to build a comprehensive view of interactions

Automatically alerts to anomalous behavior

Sideband generates premium, contextual alerts with the actionable information needed to understand and respond to the behavior

User-defined policies based on real network behavior

Sideband lets operators leverage the actual observed behavior of their assets to create custom alerting policies

Detects periodic asset behaviors

Automatically identifies seasonal and periodic behaviors to catch threats and events that other systems miss

Real-time behavioral insights

Sideband’s application console gives operators a concise, easy to interpret overview of key network and alert behaviors

Integrates with security infrastructure

Solution integrates easily with enterprise security solutions to add value with timely, highly precise alerts

Low operational overhead

Solution deploys with minimal impact on network operations and leverages existing network monitoring fabrics

Implementation options for every environment

Solution deploys with a 10Gbps or 2Gbps appliance, or as a virtual image

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Next Generation of Breach Detection


Watch this video to learn how Sideband’s solution uses behavioral analytics to detect bad behavior and protect critical data assets from being breached.

Intel Chip Chat


Listen to Stephen Pieraldi, Sideband’s Vice President of Development explain how our solution works to analyze the entire network stack to identify abnormal traffic behavior in this episode of Intel Chip Chat


Sideband is working with leaders in the industry to add value to security infrastructure investments.


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About Sideband Networks

Sideband leverages live data analytics to develop a real time view of network behavior, then uses this information to continuously monitor for the kinds of anomalous behavior that indicates a data breach, insider threat or operational issue.