About Sideband

Sideband Networks was born out of 30 years of frustration:

  • Frustration of not knowing how to characterize the network with regard to critical assets
  • Not knowing what devices and users are accessing critical assets on the network
  • Not knowing how to catch emerging threats to applications and data
  • Receiving too many false positives from existing security monitoring solutions
  • Lack of actionable intelligence to help protect the business critical elements of the enterprise

Sideband Networks leverages live data analytics to develop a real time view of network behavior, then uses this information to continuously monitor for the kinds of anomalous behavior that indicates a data breach, insider threat or operational issue.  We do this by offering four key differentiators that enterprises have been looking for including:

  • Visibility into behavior of critical assets
  • Agentless implementation, with no increase in security footprint
  • Big Data methods from Custom DPI at the front line
  • Behavioral analytics to stop work-arounds and provide near-zero levels of false-positive alerts