Sideband’s SBN Series of security appliances are a key component of effective defense-in-depth security for the most important assets on your network. Sideband’s unique combination of analytics and automated machine intelligence provides eyes on the traffic to and from the critical assets in your enterprise, alerting teams to anomalous network activities as they occur. The Sideband solution deploys quickly, does not require complicated rules and signatures to set up, and integrates with your existing security infrastructure to improve situational awareness and speed security incident response. Available in physical appliance and virtual form factors, the Sideband solution is ideal for deployment in enterprise data centers, corporate headquarters, and remote offices.

Features that make a difference

  • Employs advanced machine learning techniques to understand how typical network behavior changes over time, and automatically adjusts to dynamic network and application environments
  • Leverages analytic methods to evaluate a variety of metrics in real-time and delivers alerts that are truly useful for identifying potential problems
  • Requires no definition or maintenance of complicated threat signatures or rule sets
  • Works with your existing security infrastructure to improve efficiency of your security operations and ensure you get the highest possible return on your security investments